Monday, April 7, 2014

Cold Toes and Legs With Multiple Sclerosis

OK, so it may sound a little odd but my wife has cold strips down her leg, and certain toes that will go cold from her MS.  The last few days she has had MS leg issues, meaning that they are hurting and she has numbness and a cold feeling.  The cold is a stripe down the side of her leg from her hip to her toes.  It's really strange and when this happens she struggles to stay warm.  She has to either take a hot bath or get under an electric blanket to warm up.

We've also noticed that when these MS attacks happen, she becomes very fatigued and very emotional.  We recently moved back to Texas so we don't have our normal treatments in place, and are currently looking for a Pro Adjuster Chiropractor in the area.  We found a Chiropractor that does something similar but not quite the same, and after being adjusted today she had improvement but not the level of improvement we are used to.  My wife commented earlier that she didn't feel like she normally would after an adjustment. 

We have wondered through the years what a different type of adjustment would do, but we have always found a Pro Adjuster and she has continued to have similar results with each new Chiropractor.  So, after talking with others that haven't had the same results we have had with Chiropractic it has made me wonder how effective different methods of Chiropractic are on MS.  We know what has worked for my wife, and for me and my daughter for other issues, and we will find the right kind of Chiropractor in our area.  My wife has an appt on Wednesday with a Pro Adjuster Chiro to see what she thinks, and we will get things in place for her treatment. 


Anonymous said...

My partners left leg always feels colder than his right! Will speak to his specialist about a chiropractor! Thanks so much

Cory D said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the comment. I hope the Chiropractor helps you! Just make sure you try a few different ones to see what works. Some adjustments don't do as much for my wife as others. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You might also want to learn more about Raynaud's syndrome - a symptom of autoimmune disorders. I have it and get the same lines on my hands and feet when they get "cold."

Cory D said...

Thanks Anonymous!